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Slide guitar, mandolin, tuba, button accordion, and more playing original music with strong American roots! Listen Nite Cafe

Using their experience in early blues and R&B, old timey, jug band, country rock, not to mention various European traditions, the members of Nite Café, Denny Hall and Judy Wayenberg, are creating rich, rhythmic and soulful music. Joel Tepp, an old friend and music partner of Denny’s joins them on three songs for the first album.

Most of the instruments used on the Nite Café album are from the nineteen thirties, including two National resonator guitars and a National resonator mandolin. Add to that, an early Gibson A model mandolin (1918) and mahogany Ludwig drums from the thirties, the music of Nite Café is inspired tonally by vintage American instruments as well as the knowledge of their early usage.

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