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Slide guitar, mandolin, tuba, button accordion, and more playing original music with strong American roots!

Using their experience in early blues and R&B, old timey, jug band, country rock, not to mention various European traditions, the members of Nite Café, Denny Hall and Judy Wayenberg, are creating rich, rhythmic and soulful music. Joel Tepp, an old friend and music partner of Denny’s joins them on three songs for the first album (sample below).

The employees of the Nite Cafe are more than pleased to announce that Don Swensen, former bassist and singer with “Rebel Storm,” has joined us on bass and whatever else the recipe requires. Don is a great addition in terms of vocals as well. He can handle leads or harmonies. He writes songs and always has a good idea for an arrangement. What more could we ask for? We urge you to read his history in our bio section. He’s been there! Also check his website:

Megan Burleson has also thrown caution to the wind and cast her lot with Nite Cafe. Megan played with Denny and Joel as well as Mike DeTemple Tom Martin and Bob Page in the Lydia Pinkham Superior Orchestra several years ago in Los Angeles. Megan could sing like crazy when she was fifteen years old and got even better. She is a tremendous addition to the band.

Most of the instruments used on the Nite Café album are from the nineteen thirties, including two National resonator guitars and a National resonator mandolin. Add to that, an early Gibson A model mandolin (1918) and mahogany Ludwig drums from the thirties, the music of Nite Café is inspired tonally by vintage American instruments as well as the knowledge of their early usage.

“I like their take on acoustic blues. It's joyful and imaginative with
so many acoustic instruments used. From hard-core blues to a little bit of folk, their songs are interesting and enjoyable. I wish Polish artists played acoustic blues that way, free of clichés.........I will be happy to spin their album in my shows.”

Przemek Draheim , Torun Poland

"What a great way to start off the New Year (2007) by discovering your music.
Love the authentic, roots feel you've managed to capture on this
project. Amazingly fresh yet firmly rooted within tradition. Would
love to give this disc a spin here in Houston for my listeners...

James "The Blues Hound" Nagel
Producer/Programmer 90.1 FM KPFT Houston

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